Aluminium is a light material which conducts heat very well, does not rust and it is maintained easiy. We use it to manufacture various products which are applied in bakery industry and similar branches of food industry. 

We use aluminium to make various tins for bread and pastry, round trays for pizza and burek, bread moulds, pastry mould and other pastry making equipment, various containers and holders for trays which enable transportation of baked goods without losing a lot of heat because aluminium retains it. The products arrive to the shop fresh and warm.

Still, the purchase of aluminium does not suffice. It is important to keep in mind the type of aluminium and the thickness of the material necessary for a particular product in order to gain quality of the baked good made in the product. We have gained a lot of experience during the years of manufacture and contact with our costumers. Therefore, we have managed to achieve outstanding quality in manufacturing our products.